To get started, download the Tittle Parental Control app from either App Store or Play Store to both parent and child devices (there is no separate parent and child app).

In the parent device, launch the app and sign up for an account either via email or your Facebook account. Follow the onscreen steps to pair your child’s device to your device.

Once the child device is paired to the parent device, parents can perform a variety of actions to monitor the child’s location and screen time activity, e.g. disable access to mobile applications and browsers through the App Access function, as well as create one-time or recurring schedules to limit device usage at stipulated timings.

The App Usage & Data Usage functions allow parents to monitor the duration and mobile data consumption of the applications the child is using. Similarly, Web Tracking allows parents to view the website browsing history of the child, as well as block websites that contain inappropriate content, e.g. gambling, violence, X-rated, etc.

The child’s location can also be tracked through the Location feature, and parents can receive notifications when the child steps in/out of specified boundaries, e.g. Shopping Mall or Movie Theaters.

On iOS devices, separate mobile device management (MDM) has to be installed in the child device. When apps are blocked, all third-party apps, Internet browsers and certain software apps will disappear from the home screen..