Here is a checklist to help ensure App Access works as intended 

  • Both the child and parent device must be connected to the internet. 

  • Make sure the Android/iOS system date, time or time zone is the same on both your device and your child’s device. 

  • Check that the app you want to block is disabled correctly and for the right child device

  • Sometimes, there may be a slight delay on Google Cloud, iOS’s MDM or the server. Please wait for a few minutes and check if the app is blocked.

Chinese Devices 

Some Android brands such as Asus, Huwwei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi may include built-in programs or commands that may prevent Tittle from running normally

Unblocked apps are still blocked

Please try to clear cache by closing all running apps and check whether unblocked apps can be accessed. You may want to open the Tittle app once clearing the cache. 

Following the question above once clear cache/restart device, somehow the kid device does not send out data to the Parent device. What should I do? (Asus, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi)

Once the kid clear cache, it will stop all connection between kid device and Tittle for parents. This means the kid has no connection to our server or whatsoever. Parent will be notified once kid device is not working and it will be informed to open Tittle app in the kid device to run it back on. Tittle app in kid device should run at all time!